Inspiring client interview – an uncommon example of pure professionalism

Have been glued to my screen since May. Woefully neglecting my posts and website.

But I’m propelled to write this morning. Why? Because I have just carried out a really inspiring interview with the engineering director of a massive B2B firm. In the context of an internal magazine, I interviewed this chap to find out more about energy transition, of which I know (or knew) practically nothing.

But the short 3/4 hour time I spent with my interviewee has left me totally informed, thanks to his pure professionalism and clear thinking. What a wonderful change. He had prepared the (knowledgable yet simple and eloquent) answers to our pre-prepared questions, he had thought hard about the responses and how best to communicate the answers in the context of the article, and in the interests of the company. Just wonderful. I’ve literally carried out 1000s of interviews in my career, so I know that people like this are few and far between. But every organisation needs someone like this to lead. And to communicate.

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